Events and exhibitions

Expressions Art Exhibition - 7th-15th October 2015 

A creative arts programme run by Milestones Trust - a charity that supports people with learning
disabilities, mental health needs and dementia - Expressions not only stimulates and aids with
recovery, but allows us to give practical support and encouragement to individual artists within the
trust, providing opportunities for all to participate and experience creative arts.

Come and experience for yourself this year's exhibition entitled 'What's The Story?', which is seen
as both an investigation into the lives and work of people within Milestones Trust and as a challenge
to visitors to think about their own experiences.

Join us for a series of interactive workshops including reading, textiles and film, and experience first
hand how Expressions has become known as a show that will enliven, encourage, inspire and delight
all who come to take part.

For further details on the show and a programme of events visit

E.    T. 0117 970 9300

Regular Activity


A continuing weekly exploration into matters concerning textiles, including sustainability aspects, examples of unusual textile items and terminology. This activity  will take place on Wednesdays mid-morning to mid-afternoon.