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Cycle Sound Environmentscycle sound enviroment image

International artists Kike Medina Galán, Oscar Octavio Soza Figueroa
Create Gallery, Sat 13 Sep 10am-4pm; Fri 19 Sep 11am-7pm and Sat 20 Sep 7-11pm
Booking required for participation, £5

Bring Your Own Bike!

What does a cycle through the city feel like? Kike & Oscar transform environmental data recorded by cyclists into a polyphonic sound and video installation.

Harnessing the power of Arduino open-source technology, the artists attach special devices to participant's bicycles, which feed back in realtime.

Book a slot to participate or visit the installation for free.

Cycle Sounds is part of the Bristol Biennial festival.

Regular Activity


A continuing weekly exploration into matters concerning textiles, including sustainability aspects, examples of unusual textile items and terminology. This activity kicks off on Door Open Day, Saturday 16th September and from then will take place on Wednesdays mid-morning to mid-afternoon.