Events and exhibitions

‘EMPTY YOUR BAGS’ - Art Exhibition
 6 August - 6 September 2016.


Bristol based artist Duncan McKellar has worked in painting, sculpture, animation and collage
since graduating from the Slade School of Art in 2003.

Having grown up in rural Herefordshire the artist has amassed collections of wood, stones
and artefacts since childhood and described archaeology as a field he would love to have
explored if he had not pursued his passion for creating artworks. A rural upbringing has also
fostered a strong hatred of litter. Today Duncan McKellar naturally collects found objects
small and large whilst walking anywhere he finds himself. Simply putting items in his satchel
with no preconceived idea of their use but an attachment he describes as the object speaking
to him in some way whilst seeing the material as a form of social anthropology or contemporary

This exhibition comprises the first major collection of collage work by the artist. The opportunity
of a 3 month residency at the Create centre has resulted in over 100 works on display including
sculpture, collage and video.

With the freedom offered by Create the exhibition has developed into a sumptuous cabinet of
curiosities with references to 19 century salon exhibitions, opium dens and a hint of the famous
brothels of the Montmatre. This tone of the underworld the artist describes as evolving from
the ubiquity of discarded objects from Bristol's nightlife which are so often found amongst the litter
found on the city’s streets; as a natural magpie the artist also openly admits to being seduced
by these cheap, glinting, colourful shards.

Split into three parts the exhibition will take you through an evolution of the work from small scale
jewel like pieces to large scale sculpture into optical pieces including a video of street art made
by the artist in Bristol.

With influences as far ranging as Dada, Pop Art, Arte Povera and Victoriana this exhibition is
a feast for the senses which will leave the viewer with a shared wonder felt by the artist for
the everyday detritus we all dismiss and trash as we go about our everyday lives.

There will be a film by Lutia Swan-Hutton called 'Better Than Before' in the exhibition and the overall
show is curated by Charlie Caldecott.

The show opens on Saturday 6th August 2016 from 10am-4pm and will close on
Tuesday 6th September 2016. It will be open every Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm and will be open
on three Saturdays altogether, 6th & 13th August and 3rd September. Saturday hours are all 10-4.

Address: Create Centre, Smeaton Road, Bristol BS1 2NX.
(A fun way to get there is to take the Hotwells ferry from behind Temple Meads station and get off
 at the Nova Scotia landing stop near Create Centre)

duncan art
Artwork:.'Untitled', Date: 2016, artist: Duncan McKellar.

Transformabin is now at Create!


As part of Bristol's 2015 Green Capital celebrations, 14 unique community inspired projects were commissioned for each of it's Neighbourhood Partnerships. Mufti Games with Baggator Young People’s Project successfully pitched to Ashley, Lawrence Hill and Easton Partnership to create a fun project highlighting issues relating to household waste, fly-tipping, and recycling in the local area. 

From this the Transformabin was created; a communal bin converted into a playable games station. The simple labyrinth style game highlights the effects that waste has on our city, combining fun and imagination with a positive envorimental message.

The Transformbin is a permanent fixture at Create and can be found in our gallery,
Monday to Friday, 9-5pm.

Regular Activity


'The UK discards nearly a million tonnes of textiles every year ' (WRAP)

This exploration of some of the aspects of textile sustainability consists of two parts. Firstly the CREATE Centre hosts a permanent exhibition of information about textile sustainability, including advice, explanations, and facts and figures. This exhibition is open during CREATE opening hours. The second part is the practical activity days that take place on most Wednesdays from mid morning to mid afternoon. Here the exhibition is extended to include examples of domestic items made from fabrics that would otherwise have been sent to landfill. In addition, such items as cushions, tea cosies, table mats and many other items are being made on the spot, with the intention of encouraging visitors to start or continue their own work. At all the times the exhibition and practical activities are open, free small fabric pieces are usually available so that visitors can take them to incorporate in their own projects.

FABRICation is run by Mike Timmins, who is experienced in decorative textiles as well as textile science and technology.